Why DRC Chamber of Commerce?

The Democratic Republic of Congo is globally known to be one of the richest countries in East and Central Africa in terms of resources. With Kenya and the DR Congo deepening bilateral trade ties through economic agreements, the DRC Kenya Chamber of Commerce has positioned itself as the link that connects entrepreneurs and investors interested in exploring new opportunities in both regions.

We endeavor to do these three things for community:


Regardless of the connection you’re interested in: person, resource, or company, the DRC Kenya Chamber provides the platform. By joining the community, each member becomes part of a family that seeks to help, coach and ultimately grow together through networking and relationship building.


Through sufficient and thorough research, entrepreneurs are provided with the necessary intel on the viable areas for investment. Each member has an opportunity to make well informed decisions from a knowledge perspective and is assured that their investment is secure.

Walk Together

We have created a culture that is focused on meeting the entrepreneur’s needs by promoting interrelation culture with member investors and go the extra mile by walking hand in hand through every process from the outset to maturity. Riding on the principle of empathy, the DRC Kenya chamber takes pride in actively taking part in every step that ascertains the success of each member.

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