Why Join The DRC Kenya Chamber of Commerce?

The DRC Kenya Chamber of Commerce community provides access to connections across Kenya and Congo regions. This membership provides you and your team access to engage with the business community through events, marketing opportunities, and so much more. We offer a range of investment levels to align with your business objectives.


Meet, connect, and build relationships with executives, thought leaders, and decision makers in both regions.


Our publications and resources will keep you up to date on member news, chamber alerts such as changes in policies and other topics of importance to the DRC Kenya Chamber of commerce.


Receive Invitations to participate in various programs and other special events allocated to ‘Members Only’ courtesy of the chamber.


Discounted rates offered to Chamber members during conferences, seminars and webinars.

Marketing Opportunities

Increase your company’s visibility through the DRC Kenya chamber website, social media, and events.

Research and Data

Equip your team with information to help make informative and impactful investment decisions.

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