Unveiling the Hidden Gem in the EAC: Cross-border Tourism…

Have you ever craved a vacation that transcends borders, offering a kaleidoscope of experiences in neighboring countries? Look no further than cross-border tourism! This exciting travel concept allows you to seamlessly combine the best of two or more worlds, explore the exciting sights and experiences offered by neighboring nations, by crafting a unique itinerary that […]

Central bank of Congo Trade Balance

The central bank of Congo, that trade balance shows 6.55% of gross domestic product surplus aganist3.22% as observed in October, the last week of November. This development explains the more pronounced increase in exports over imports ,in a context of rising world prices for export products, This indicates the economic situation report of this issuing […]

Kenyan firms eye DRC

Shifting Market Kenyan companies looking to investment opportunities in DRC Congo thus shifting focus from other East African Countries. This is after the Word Bank tipped the nation as the next frontier for growth and influence education thus benefits mostly children and youths in the country. Equity group which recently pointed to the strategic importance of its DRC’s subsidiaries to […]

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